Do you want to add a bit of luxury to your home? Look no Enhance Sliding Wardrobes we can create your very own bespoke walk-in wardrobe! At Enhance Sliding Wardrobes we design and install hundreds of walk-in wardrobes every year for clients across Northern Ireland. From our showrooms in Lisburn and Dungannon you can view first-hand some of the walk-in wardrobes we have designed previously for clients. 

Did you know that adding a walk-in wardrobe to your home can increase the value of your home? According to new research, adding a walk-in wardrobe can increase the value of your home, with some buyers paying a considerable amount of money for this added luxury. The walk-in wardrobe is a marker of a high standard of interior decor throughout and is likely to have other covetable features that will all add up to a higher price. This is worth considering if you are planning on selling your home in the future! 

Enhance Sliding Wardrobes design walk-in wardrobes to our client’s specific needs which are professionally fitted by our own experienced in-house team. Everything from drawers and racks to mirrors and special storage compartments can be customised. One of the biggest advantages of a walk-in wardrobe is that they eliminate the need for the buyer to look for bedroom storage once they’ve moved in, and simplifies the move. 

Here’s how you can make the most out of your walk-in wardrobe: 

Choose the right kind of storage 

Depending on what you own and what most of your pieces are, you’ll want to pick and use the right kind of storage. If you’re a shoe addict, the option of open shoe shelving can help keep them all in an attractive display. Alternatively, store them neatly behind a mirror door to best utilise space and benefit from a mirror to get dressed by. At Enhance Sliding Wardrobes, our team of creative in-house designers can create bespoke walk-in wardrobe solutions, perfect for your specific clothing items. 

Utilise Wall Space from Ceiling to Floor 

You can get the most out of all your space while still keeping plenty of open floor space. Do this by using a combination of different storage options from floor to ceiling. One of the best aspects about bespoke walk-in wardrobes is that they can be customised according to the space you have – whether you have a big bedroom or a bedroom which only has space around a corner or space around the windows or a loft-style bedroom.The design team in our Lisburn and Dungannon headquarters will create your wardrobe specifically for your bedroom. Utilising all your bedroom space to perfectly enhance your bedroom. 

Consider Lighting 

Well-planned lighting is essential for a luxurious walk-in wardrobe. LEDs give the best light for viewing garments, and spot lights can be adjusted. It is also important to remember to install lighting that is practical but also flattering. At Enhance Sliding wardrobes, we recommend to our Northern Ireland clients to implement as much natural lighting into their walk-in wardrobe as possible. 

At Enhance Sliding Wardrobes, we don’t only offer Walk-In Wardrobes! We also offer:

-Sliding Wardrobes 

-Fitted Wardrobes 

-Free-Standing Wardrobes 

-Bedroom Furniture 

Since 1992, Enhance Sliding Wardrobes have been making uniquely designed wardrobes for clients all over Northern Ireland and Ireland. As a business, we pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of customer service to all our clients. We also have low-cost finance available which allows you to pay off your purchases from us! If you are interested and are wondering what is so good about the wardrobes and furniture that Enhance Sliding Wardrobes offer, then visit our showrooms in Lisburn and Dungannon!