There are a few renovations you can make to your home that will add as much luxury and practicality as a walk-in wardrobe. At Enhance Sliding Wardrobes we design and install hundreds of walk-in wardrobes every year for clients across Northern Ireland. From our showrooms in Lisburn and Dungannon you can view first-hand some of the walk-in wardrobes we have designed previously for clients. Coming in a wide range of styles and designs, they offer a large storage space where you can keep all your clothes and clothing accessories. Our walk-in wardrobes are all designed to our client’s specific needs and professionally fitted by our own experienced in-house team. Everything from drawers and racks to mirrors and special storage compartments can be customised. 

Here are some reasons why you should install a Walk-In Wardrobe in your home:

Space Efficient

While standard closets pretty much must be rectangular because of the restrictions of sliding and outward opening doors, a walk-in could also be made under stairs, in an L-shape, square, triangular, or anything really. You have much more freedom to customise the shape of a walk-in than you would just adding in a standard closet. It helps you retain the space and size of your bedroom layout. Having the freedom to create any size or shaped space you need allows you to get the most of your home. You also get to customise the perfect closet to fit your needs and your wardrobe.

Get Organised

A walk in or sliding wardrobe is the perfect answer to a messy room. Along with being space efficient they are ideal for keeping even the messiest of people organised! You can choose whether you prefer more room to hang clothes or if you would like to save your space for drawers. They provide sufficient space for storing all your items! With the range of space and sorting opportunities you can prioritise your jewellery, shoes or whatever takes up the majority of your wardrobe space. With sliding or walk-in wardrobes everything is in front of you. Storing your items in your sliding wardrobe means everything is in one place with full visibility, allowing you to take account for everything you own, preventing yourself from unknowingly buying more of the same thing.

Caring for your clothes

We all try to keep our clothes neat and tidy in drawers but really… How often does that beautifully laid out drawer actually last? With walkin wardrobes or sliding wardrobes you can hang so much more of your clothes up. Hanging your clothes up can keep them from getting wrinkled and allows extra space which means more room for more clothes. Not only that, using a sliding wardrobe can encourage ventilation which helps prevent mould and mildew inside your wardrobe. 

As they aren’t all jammed together it is less likely that your favourite top will go missing!

Benefits in the long run

You may not be considering selling your house anytime soon but walk-in wardrobes and sliding wardrobes are in high demand on the housing market and have been for a while. 

They used to simply be something that luxurious mansions or penthouses had but now as more and more people seek them, they are becoming a must when purchasing a new home. Spending a bit more on a walkin wardrobe in your master suite will add value to your home design if you use up some space that is a bit tricky but could be used for a small closet.

Your master bedroom closet should be your dream closet! So if you are planning on sticking around but simply want to spruce up your home a little then installing a walk-in or sliding wardrobe is the perfect way to do so!

If you are interested in a walk-in closet or have considered a sliding wardrobe – Enhance Sliding Wardrobes can help. Take a look at our designs or contact us to see how we can create your dream wardrobe.