The design of your room’s walls, flooring and lighting is the skeleton of your bedroom. On the other hand, the furniture and accessories you choose to include throughout your room have a greater impact. These interior considerations can affect the mood and atmosphere of your bedroom. Furniture is (arguably) the most important aspect of a bedroom, without it out wouldn’t have anything to accessorise and the room would be, quite simply, empty. 

So, bedroom furniture must be important?

Absolutely. Bedroom furniture affects the entire design of your room and its furnishings – the catalyst of your wider design. There are so many benefits that a well-designed bedroom can have, and at Enhance Sliding Wardrobes we work hard to make sure we help you meet these all. 

Ultimately, furniture dictates function. The furniture you decide to put in your bedroom determines the path of movement, balance, and visual appeal of your bedroom. Each of these elements is extremely important, but the choice of bedroom furniture is also an opportunity for you as the owner of your home. With our bespoke bedroom furniture designs, we give you the freedom to express your personality and style through your interiors. 

A well-designed bedroom improves your sleep quality

Almost every element of your bedroom affects how you sleep at night. Your bedroom furniture, however, has the greatest impact. After all, your furniture uses the most space. Ultimately, your furniture lines the walls and acts as a catalyst for the smaller aspects of your bedroom design. 

It’s possible to optimise your bedroom for a healthy night’s sleep. At Enhance Sliding Wardrobes, we know how to design a good bedroom. Therefore our bespoke pieces of bedroom furniture can be designed to your tastes. To improve your sleep, bedroom furniture must be neat, tidy and organised. We believe your bedroom should be calming and relaxing as soon as you walk through the door. With our perfectly-designed bespoke pieces, you can be sure to unwind and sleep well every night. 

Bedroom furniture gives your belongings a ‘home’

Dressing rooms are a luxury, so many of us are left storing our clothes, accessories and other belongings in our bedroom. We already know how important it is to uphold a calming atmosphere in your bedroom. To maintain the relaxation, we recommend you prioritise organisation. Designing bespoke furniture with Enhance Sliding Wardrobes in Northern Ireland is extremely beneficial as you have the freedom to create organised storage solutions. 

Often, generic furniture can be too big, too small, or just an incorrect fit. Bespoke furniture, however, allows for the personalisation of your storage systems. There are many benefits to having the correct organisation in your bedroom. Above all, when everything has a ‘home’, you can uphold the calming ambience you want to establish.

What bedroom furniture can we create for you?

At Enhance Sliding Wardrobes, we offer a wide range of bespoke bedroom furniture options. These include: 

Bedside Tables

Your bedside table often stores your most personal belongings, your phone, your favourite book, and your glasses. Ultimately, your bedside table is the first thing you see when you wake up. This means that the design decisions you make are extremely important. At Enhance Sliding Wardrobes, we consider a range of factors when designing your bedroom furniture. For example, we consider the height of your bed to ensure you can reach your alarm clock as soon as you wake up with ease. 

Dressing Tables

Your dressing table is important to make you feel positive and start your day feeling good. Your dressing table should have an abundance of storage to hold all your skincare, makeup, hair and any other products you might have. When designing your dressing table with Enhance Sliding Wardrobes, we consider mirrors and lighting. After all, no one should get ready in the morning with poor lighting – how would you see your face? 

Chest of Drawers

These are crucial for having the correct storage solutions in your bedroom. Drawers often house a wide range of clothes, depending on your storage preferences. Every customer is unique. Therefore, we work hard to create bespoke chests of drawers that have the correct storage solution for your belongings. As well as this, we ensure your bedroom furniture is the correct size and suits your style. 

Making bespoke furniture for your style

For over 35 years, Enhance Sliding Wardrobes have been creating bespoke bedroom furniture products to suit our customer’s individual needs. Our in-house designers love to get creative. We can create bespoke pieces for an array of styles. These include traditional, contemporary and rustic tastes. 

You can book an appointment to visit our showroom in Lisburn via our website today to discuss your new bedroom furniture.