Here at Enhance Sliding Wardrobes, we are the best wardrobe designers in Northern Ireland. From sliding wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes and fitted wardrobes to designing your very own free standing wardrobe, we have you covered! Based in Lisburn and Dungannon, we provide sliding wardrobes to clients in Belfast and across the whole of Northern Ireland. 

With many people still working from home in Northern Ireland, storage solutions have become even more important in our daily lives. Nobody wants to work in a cluttered space! Enhance Sliding Wardrobes has years of experience in providing storage solutions and we love providing our clients with the best bespoke designs, perfect for their homes.

Add Sliding Wardrobes to your home

Sliding wardrobes provide a perfect solution to all your storage needs. They are a better option than traditional fitted wardrobes as they do not have doors that open outwards. These wardrobes generally have two or three sliding panels, which slide back on top of one another. This makes the wardrobe more spacious. Our design team based in Lisburn and Dungannon can design bespoke sliding wardrobes that will fit perfectly into your home. We cater to any space or angle in your home to provide the ideal sliding wardrobe.

Free-standing Wardrobes

Free-standing wardrobes are a perfect storage solution for your home as they are known for their portability. These are one of our most popular wardrobe solutions here in Northern Ireland. At Enhance Sliding Wardrobes we design and install a large number of free-standing wardrobes for our clients across Northern Ireland. We provide a custom service where you can design your own free-standing wardrobe, from the colour of the exterior you want to the colour and design of doors to match with the interiors of your property. With a wide range of door styles and exterior colours, our free-standing wardrobes are available from 1.62m to 2.8m wide and at a standard height of 2.1m. 

Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobes are one of our most popular products at our showrooms in Lisburn and Dungannon. They are one of the best storage solutions for your home. The design team at Enhance Sliding wardrobes can provide the perfect, bespoke fitted wardrobe for your home. We cater to any space or awkward angle you may have in your home and will create any design you may choose. One of the most popular fitted wardrobe trends we are seeing in our clients across Northern Ireland is the installation of lighting in many of our fitted wardrobes. Lighting can be really useful to find clothes in deep drawers, on cloudy days and at night.

Enhance Sliding Wardrobes is a family-owned, reputable wardrobe manufacturing and fitting company. Rely on us for a quality service of the highest standard. For all your storage solutions, Enhance Sliding Wardrobes can provide you with any free-standing wardrobe, fitted wardrobe or sliding wardrobe. Our design team can create the perfect, bespoke wardrobe for your home. Visit us today in our Lisburn and Dungannon Showrooms!