Whether it’s your first home or you want a quick bedroom makeover, it’s hard to ignore the ease of new furniture from places like Ikea. Fast furniture is very affordable and may look well, but did you know it’s very unsustainable? By investing in higher quality bedroom furniture in Northern Ireland, you are not only making a more sustainable choice, you can save yourself money in the long run!

Better Quality

Similar to fast fashion, fast furniture is mass-produced and made of inferior materials. This results in poor-quality products that may break easily and will need to be replaced more frequently. 

Buying custom-fitted or hand-crafted furniture typically means that high-quality materials are being used to offer customers the best in quality. Whilst this bedroom furniture is substantially more expensive, it is guaranteed to last much longer.

Great for the Environment

The fast furniture industry is incredibly harmful to the environment. With most flat-pack furniture using materials such as particleboard, many think that this is a great green alternative as it is made up of scrap wood. However, the process that is used to combine all the scrap wood into particleboard uses many chemicals and heating processes which add to the pollution of the environment.

In recent years, furniture has become one of the fastest-growing landfill categories with over 672,000 tonnes being dumped each year. Thankfully, during the COVID-19 pandemic, people embraced their creative streak and decided to try their hand at up-cycling their old furniture, giving them a new lease of life. Whether it was a fresh paint job or a completely new purpose within their home, each piece of up-cycled furniture played its part in helping the environment. 

Optimised Space

When it comes to furniture like wardrobes, opting for the quick and affordable option may present you with a range of problems. As this option is not custom measured or fitted to its space, it may relieve you with less movement space and even less storage space. Choosing a custom-fitted wardrobe space not only eliminates both of these problems but can even increase the value of your home!

Invest in furniture that works for you!

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