Since 1992, Enhance Sliding Wardrobes have been making uniquely designed wardrobes for clients all over Northern Ireland and Ireland. We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of customer service to all our clients. Whether it’s a traditional design with a rustic look or a contemporary design that has a more modern appeal, our team can create it for you. From our showrooms in Lisburn and Dungannon, you can see firsthand the standard of wardrobes we design!  

Here at Enhance Sliding Wardrobes we may be biassed but we believe wardrobes are the focal point of the bedroom. Your choice of wardrobe could make or break your dream bedroom.  Your bedroom is meant to be a relaxing space where you can switch off after a long, working day. A wardrobe designed bespoke for your bedroom will help create the perfect bedroom space. With clients across the whole of Northern Ireland, all our clients love seeing our range of bespoke wardrobes from our showrooms in Lisburn and Dungannon. 

Design a wardrobe that fully complements your bedroom 

A fitted and bespoke wardrobe can easily complement your existing space – your décor, theme, your overall bedroom’s look and style. From our showrooms in Lisburn and Dungannon, our design team will ensure you are involved in the entire design process and will strive to follow what you have in mind. Whether you are living in a large house in the Northern Ireland countryside or in a smaller city flat in Belfast, we can create wardrobe solutions specifically tailored to your living space. 

Add extra features, lighting and more 

Most wardrobes you can buy from the shops are fitted with just standard shelving, good only for clothing and a few accessories. But fitted wardrobes can give you so much more in terms of features and lighting. Features can include extra small drawers for jewellery, storage for belts and scarves, and so on. You can even opt for integrated lighting, which enables you to see the interior of the wardrobe so that you can easily get whatever you need. Our clients in Lisburn and Dungannon always reap the benefits of added lighting and features to their wardrobes. 

Optimise your space with a clever design 

The problem with most wardrobes available in shops today is that there is no allotment for smaller items, such as accessories, jewellery, or even shoes. Another problem is the size of the wardrobe, which may not be suited to your space. One of the best aspects about bespoke wardrobes is that they can be customised according to the space you have – whether you have a big bedroom or a bedroom which only has space around a corner or space around the windows or a loft-style bedroom. The design team in our Lisburn and Dungannon headquarters will create your wardrobe specifically for your bedroom. Utilising all your bedroom space to perfectly enhance your bedroom. 

Here at Enhance Sliding Wardrobes we also have low-cost finance available which allows you to pay off your purchases from us! If you are interested and are wondering what is so good about the wardrobes and furniture that Enhance Sliding Wardrobes offer, then visit our showrooms in Lisburn and Dungannon!