Thinking of installing and designing your dream dressing room into your home? Enhance Sliding Wardrobes has you covered. With our bespoke wardrobes and experienced designers we know exactly how to create your dream dressing room. With clients across all of Northern Ireland and based in our showrooms in Lisburn and Dungannon, we have been designing wardrobes and bedrooms since 1992. 

Whether you have a walk-in wardrobe or a sliding wardrobe, our designers have shared some ideas that will make your dressing space effortlessly calm and organised: 

Create your own catwalk 

Long, narrow rooms make a perfect dressing space as they come with the ideal layout for a catwalk. Place a mirror at the end wall, but also remember to add them to the sides so you can check out your outfit at every angle. As a narrow room can feel tight, it’s a good idea to use the same colour furniture and walls to cheat a wider look. Going for a bespoke wardrobe option is best in this case and it will utilise every inch of room in your bedroom. 

Utilise the space in your hallway 

As experienced designers we have created wardrobes and dressing rooms for all different sizes of bedrooms. From small city houses and flats in Belfast to larger, country homes in Dungannon and Lisburn- we’ve done it all. Utilising your hallway can be a clever way of gaining more storage space for your clothes and other bedroom items. Go for floor-to-ceiling cabinetry – as this is a transient area, decorative elements are perhaps not as vital as in other areas of the home, but choosing a beautiful splash of colour and considered hardware can turn simple wardrobes into something you may find yourself lingering at. 

Style your shelving

Open shelving and doorless wardrobes are a great direction to take if you’re concerned about having wall-to-wall cabinetry. This is especially beneficial in more narrow spaces, as it will help the room to feel lighter and airier. Adding colour to the background of your shelves is a great way to make your shelves look more harmonious. If you don’t want to paint you can always use contact paper or temporary wallpaper in a solid colour.

At Enhance Sliding Wardrobes we pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of customer service to all our clients. Whether it’s a traditional design with a rustic look or a contemporary design that has a more modern appeal, our team can create it for you. From our showrooms in Lisburn and Dungannon, you can see firsthand the standard of wardrobes we design! 

If you are interested in installing sliding wardrobes to your home then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Here at Enhance Sliding Wardrobes we also have low-cost finance available which allows you to pay off your purchases from us! If you are interested and are wondering what is so good about the wardrobes and furniture that Enhance Sliding Wardrobes offer, then visit our showrooms in Lisburn and Dungannon! Whether you are from Belfast, Lurgan, Craigavon, Newry and Lurgan, we can cater to clients from all across Northern Ireland.