Since 1992, Enhance Sliding Wardrobes have been making uniquely designed wardrobes from our bases in Lisburn and Dungannon, for clients all over Northern Ireland and Ireland. For all your storage solutions, Enhance Sliding Wardrobes can provide you with any free-standing wardrobe, fitted wardrobe or sliding wardrobe. Our design team can create the perfect, bespoke wardrobe for your home. 

From our showrooms in Lisburn and Dungannon, we pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of customer service while designing the perfect storage solutions for your home. If you are wondering what exactly the process of working with us is like, here’s a brief overview: 

Getting in Contact with us 

As mentioned above, you can call in at either our Lisburn or Dungannon showrooms. If you are seeking a simpler way of getting in contact with us with your exact needs, simply fill in our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are just passing by, please keep in mind that there may be an appointment with another client taking place, so you may be required to wait or book an appointment with us at a later date. We try to accommodate all our clients from across Northern Ireland as best as possible. 

Talking with us

Our designers cover all bases when it comes to getting to know the exact solutions needed for a client. On an initial consultation call with one of our designers, we will go through these requirements: 

-Listen to exactly your requirements for your home 

-Provide the possible solutions we can provide 

-Provide a rough estimate of the cost of our storage solutions 

Once this call is carried out, you will then be invited to book in for a FREE Showroom Design Consultation. We are also flexible with our clients. If a showroom appointment doesn’t suit our clients, we may choose to visit your home first. 

Showroom Design Appointments in Lisburn and Dungannon 

All our appointments are held at our showrooms in Lisburn and Dungannon. We hold our design appointments 1-to-1 which leaves our clients with the full attention of our designers, with no distractions. In order to create the best bespoke storage solutions for your home, we advise that our clients bring some rough measurements and photos of the specific space you would like us to help you with. Our designers will use their experience to provide you with the options that will best suit your home. 

It is always better to visualise your design ideas. This is where our designers will create your specific ideas into our computer-aided design software so you can envisage what your bespoke storage solutions will look like. At Enhance Sliding Wardrobes, our priority is to listen to what our clients need and design options that are suitable for their home. Once you have settled on a design, or maybe even a few varying designs, our designer will be able to provide an accurate quote. 

Receiving your Quote 

Once you have reached this stage of the process, we believe we do not need to push a hard sale. Throughout the process, we believe our clients will see first-hand the professionalism, high standard of work and customer centred service we provide. We don’t believe in any pushy sales, tactics or gimmicks. If our clients need time to think and consider, they can give us a call anytime! 

Choosing to go ahead

Here at Enhance Sliding Wardrobes, we are fast-moving. Once our clients have decided to move ahead with the further design and installation process, our designers move rapidly to arrange a call out to your home, to check measurements and analyse your space. A fitting date will be arranged and the designer will then update the client with a final design plan with complete measurements. The design will then be sent to production. 

Fitting Day! 

This is always the best day of the whole process (obviously!!). On the fitting day, highly skilled and experienced fitter(s) will arrive and get straight to work. Depending on the size of the project, our fitting team may need 2-3 days. At Enhance Sliding Wardrobes, we understand the need for precision in order to get your bespoke storage solution just right! 

Why not leave us a Review? 

Enhance Sliding Wardrobes prides itself on the highest standard of customer service and care. However, for our prospective clients it is always good to have reviews of the full process. Check out our reviews on Google and Facebook! We are proud of the positive experiences our clients have had in terms of sales process, product and the fitting experience.

Now that you know the entire process of working with Enhance Sliding Wardrobes- Contact us today!