After spending much of the last two years stuck in our homes here in Northern Ireland, we are probably seeking a change around our homes. Where better to start than in your bedroom? 

Designing your perfect fitted wardrobe can be exciting as you get to choose how you would like to store and display your clothes, shoes, and accessories. The good news is that even with the smallest of rooms it is possible to have a bespoke fitted wardrobe which is not only functional but beautifully houses all your clothes and accessories. We love to shop here in Northern Ireland so storage solutions in the shape of bespoke wardrobes are perfect. 

Here at Enhance Sliding Wardrobes we have years of industry experience in creating bespoke wardrobes that are perfectly suited to our clients’ homes. Providing wardrobe solutions to clients from all across Northern Ireland, we are proud to provide the highest standard of service. From our showrooms in Lisburn and Dungannon, we have a wide range of wardrobe solutions and a design team on standby to create your dream wardrobe. Whether you are living in a large house in the Northern Ireland countryside or in a smaller city flat in Belfast, we can create wardrobe solutions specifically tailored to your living space. 

Plan your wardrobe

After years of creating bespoke wardrobes for clients across Northern Ireland, we always recommend to clients that they plan and organise their wardrobes first. By organising your clothes and accessories, you can judge how much hanging space you need by grouping together dresses, shirts, trousers, jackets, shoes etc. This will give you a clear idea of how you want your wardrobe organised and what you want to hang up or fold. 

Hanging Space 

The amount of hanging space needed within a fitted wardrobe will depend on the individual. With ‘crease-free’ materials it is possible to fold tops, jumpers, and jeans which mean your other items can hang nicely without cramming them in. With custom built wardrobes, you could opt to have two hanging rails, one placed on top of the other, if you don’t have lots of long items of clothing. 


You can easily carve out some space at the end of your wardrobe or under a hanging rail for some open shelves. This provides an ideal storage space for neatly folded jumpers, handbags and shoes. The beauty of custom built fitted wardrobes is they don’t all have to be the same height. For example, your deeper shelves could be above waist height and then more shallow shelves at the bottom to store shoes. Shelving also allows for the option of tilting the shelves for a luxury shop front look. 

Since 1992, Enhance Sliding Wardrobes have been making uniquely designed wardrobes for clients all over Northern Ireland and Ireland. For all your storage solutions, Enhance Sliding Wardrobes can provide you with any free-standing wardrobe, fitted wardrobe or sliding wardrobe. Our design team can create the perfect, bespoke wardrobe for your home.  Contact us today to see what we can do for you!