Top 8 Storage Tips

January 13th 2020

1.       ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. Hang clothes you wear often at eye level, less- used items below and least-used items on your top shelf.


2.       Hang tops and blouses as these items of clothing crease easily.


3.       Create a coherent wardrobe by hanging your clothing by clothing type and then refining this further by using colour coding, sleeve length or dress length.


4.       Fold and stack your jumpers as hangers can stretch them out.


5.       Jeans are a flexible item of clothing which can be hung or folded as the material is sturdy.


6.       Make use of floor space for shoes, gym bags etc.


7.       Shoe organisers can also be a handy storage solution for bulky items such as jumpers.


8.       Always leave extra hangers in your wardrobe to help you stay organised when putting clothes away.


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~The Enhance Team~

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