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Enhance Style Ideas 2015

Great Gatsby Inspired Interiors

Art Deco is officially back in fashion following the highly anticipated release of The Great Gatsby and if you have already seen the film you will appreciate why. From the intricate costumes and opulent interiors to the vast gardens and luxury cars, everything appears as though it was lifted straight from the 1920's and given an extra dose of glamour before being placed on set. The interiors especially caught my eye with bold geometric shapes and strong patterns in Gatsby's house contrasting to the fine silks and rich rugs in Daisy's home. To get the look in your own home on a slightly lower budget choose glass accessories such as chandeliers, big mirrors in bold shapes and silky fabrics in rich colours. Have a look at the Architectural Digest's and Greige Design's collection of images from the film if you want some inspiration.

'Gloss! High gloss! Shine!" Jeffery Bilhuber

Gloss will be big news this year according to House Beautiful's top 10 Home Decorating Trends 2013. Gloss surfaces reflect light, making spaces appear larger and add a touch of glamour to interiors. Have a look at our modern glass worktops, glossy drawer fronts and contemporary coloured glass sliding doors for ideas on how to add a bit of luxury to your home.

Improve, don't move

This mantra will feature strongly this year as the number of people buying houses continues to decline. Enhance your space with minor improvements that make a huge difference. Start with a big clear-out - de-cluttering is a great way to see what space you actually have and your local charity will benefit from your donations! Refresh your current interiors with bright throws, cushions and accessories or create extra storage with fitted shelves, cupboards and drawers. If you need some style inspiration have a look at our Enhance Mood Boards.

Secrets for Small Spaces

Make a small room appear larger with these clever tricks: Use a light palette when decorating to create extra space and light. Lighter colours are right on trend as neutral tones are making a huge comeback this year according to House and Home. Their links to promoting balance and harmony isn't a bad thing either! Have a look at our Enhance Neutral Interiors Mood Board for inspiration.

    Place smaller, more streamlined furniture in the room. A huge chunky coffee table or dresser will take over your entire space and make the room appear even smaller.
    High furniture also has the effect of making a space appear larger. Use tall bookcases to create height or if you want extra storage that maximises your space, why not go for our Enhance ceiling-height sliding wardrobes in a glossy ivory?

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